THE PLEDGE acted on the sets of 20000V in Koenji etc. Various elements like hardcore, youth-crew- hardcore, heavy metal, and the slash metal. Influenced by 80'~early 90's sounds, they will be sure for your pleasure preferring sounds of bands such as "from GORILLA BISCUITS, 7seconds, some old school hardcore bands VIA United, Outrage, they have arrived at the airport called HEAVY METAL beyond the cutting edge.(Disk Union Japan)". Their mantra is " new type of HM with the sprits of old-school HC". Mono-Phone "モノホン- 本物” ex THE PLEDGE have got started their acts to aim to be REAL more to prove the Tokyo's finest literally.

THE PLEDGE first demo

First demo

1 Mobile phone's for sucker's

2 Words of wisdom

3 King without a crowm

4 Fields of democracy

THE PLEDGE tokyo's finest

Tokyo's finest ... As it is

1 Mobile phone's for sucker's

2 Words of wisdom

3 Sunrise

4 King without a crowm

5 Justice for all

6 Big mouth

7 Fields of democracy

8 Free the 3

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